The Other Suit 2, 2015

The Other Suit 2, 2015 Sculpture

This sculpture is the result of three months of hand painting a Spider-Man skin onto an existing formal suit. Intricately patterned, the suit adorns a cast taken of the artist’s body, and pushes Spider-Man’s characteristic crouch into the squatting posture that ties the artist’s family to India.

This is the third Spider-Man costume Patel has made. The first featured in his live performance American Boy (2014, Sadler’s Wells, London), and can be seen in the photograph Baa’s House 1 (2015), and his film work The Jump (2015)

The Other Suit 2, 2015

Artwork Details

  • Medium

    Fibreglass, Lycra, Cotton, Fabric Paint

  • Dimensions

    18in x 36in x 36in

  • Year


  • Installation photographs

    New Art Gallery Walsall, UK