Baa's House 3, 2021

Baa's House 3, 2021 Public Art

Baa’s House 3, is a linear rendition of a large family portrait flanked by classic cartoon figures from the 1980s. The insertion of Transformer characters acts as a metaphor for intercultural imitation, disguise and change. This continues Patel's interest in weaving together famous characters from popular culture with those on the margins of society.

This billboard was part of DIVISION/REVISION:

DIVISION/REVISION curated by Uta Kögelsberger for Your Space Or Mine, brings together sixteen internationally acclaimed artists to address the questions ‘What brings us together?’ and ‘What pushes us apart?’ Sure in the knowledge that certain issues can do both.

“The last three years have seen fundamental changes to how we relate to one another as individuals and as a society. Britain has exited from the European Union; the pandemic has bought new geographies to our daily lives; Black Lives Matter has voiced powerful articulations of systemic inequality. Division/Revision is a reflection on how relations are being re-defined through seismic shifts in the current social and political landscape.”

  • Uta Kögelsberger

With everything in such a state of flux it seems fitting that participating artists’ work will appear on sixteen billboards and change daily for sixteen consecutive days in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

As you might expect the individual artworks are hugely diverse. From plain-speaking to intriguing, visually metaphoric to fantastical, playful to symbolic… Together they act as a fascinating, multi-perspectival intervention in the public realm that holds a mirror up to the turbulent and mutable times we are living through.

Mark Titchner
Melanie Manchot
Larry Achiampong
Jeremy Deller
Fiona Crisp
Jasmina Cibic
Jane & Louise Wilson
Alberta Whittle
Victor Burgin
Hetain Patel
John Kippin
Uta Kögelsberger
Eva Stenram
Ingrid Pollard
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Hardeep Pandhal

Baa's House 3, 2021