Baa's House, 2015

Baa's House, 2015 Photography

Throughout 2014, Patel made two Spider-Man costumes. The first, featured in his live performance American Boy (2014, Sadler’s Wells, London), can be seen in the works Baa’s House 1 & 2, where the artist poses for photographs in his Grandmother’s living room in Bolton UK, where he was born. Patel’s sits masked in his first home, squatting in front of family photographs spanning 40 years, next to his Grandmother, the instigator of the family migration from India.

On repeated viewing, Patel’s characteristic humour give way to darker layers in the artist’s practice in which he demands freedom from the oppressive stereotyping that has been a part of his upbringing. Placing the mainstream figure of Spider-Man quite crudely within the marginalised world of his British Indian identity, he insists on the authenticity of this connection.

Baa's House, 2015

Artwork Details

  • Medium

    Digital Print on Archival Paper

  • Dimensions

    Baa's House 1: 47 x 57 inches ; Baa's House 2: 46 x 57 inches

  • Year