Landing, 2022

Landing, 2022 Film

LAND/NG is a creative project led by artist Hetain Patel, and made with the people of Nottinghamshire. It responds to the history of the Mayflower and to the events of 2020 around the world.

LAND/NG draws on ideas about our relationship to place, belonging, and community, wherever we land.

The filmed launched online on 1st August, 2022, and can be seen below: LANDING film 2022

LANDING Behind the Scenes

Landing, 2022

Artwork Details

Project and Film Credits


    A Film by Hetain Patel and the People of Nottinghamshire

  • Project Direction and Production

    Kate Stoddart & Jo Wheeler

  • Film Produced by

    Mark Bushnell, Ashley Gardiner

  • Project Partners

    Inspire Culture and Libraries, Inspire Your Arts, Inspire Learning, Bassetlaw District Council, Broadway Media, Nottinghamshire County Council, Mansions of the Future, Savoy Cinema Group, University of Lincoln, Transported, University of Nottingham, Writing East Midlands, Arts Council England

  • Behind the scenes photos

    David Severn and Isaac Munslow