Canon, 2020

Canon, 2020 Film

Canon explores the manifestation of three different, but equally impactful influences on the artist's body and identity: Bruce Lee, Spider-Man and an Indian squatting posture. Through animation he investigates what happens when these poses and postures are repeated and overlapped, combining popular and domestic culture from different parts of the world. The title references both the canon of culturally dominant postures, as well as what it means in dance choreography – a device where one dancer introduces a movement, which is then repeated exactly by subsequent dancers. β€˜In this piece the canon actually breaks down as each of the different bodies have a different timing to the movement, I like that it starts to disrupt its own rule somehow.’

Canon, 2020

Artwork Details

  • Medium

    Digital Video, silent

  • Duration

    3 Minutes, looped

  • Year


Film Credits

  • Animation

    Hetain Patel

  • Commissioned by

    New Art Exchange in collaboration with Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Open Eye Gallery and University of Salford Art Collection on the occasion of Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival 2020