How To Make A Proper Cup Of Tea

How To Make A Proper Cup Of Tea Film

Here it is. The definitive guide to the answer you’ve been searching for: how do you make a proper cup of English tea?

Alan, who was born here but isn’t actually from ‘round here, tells us in this simple guide with the help of his proper English friend.

This film forms part of a series of 'How To' videos on Patel's YouTube channel:

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How To Make A Proper Cup Of Tea

Film Credits

  • Conceived & Directed by

    Hetain Patel

  • Written by

    Hetain Patel and Alan Morrissey

  • Director of Photography

    Oliver Parker

  • Gujarati translation

    Leena Chhagan

  • Graphic Design


  • Executive Producer

    Gwen Van Spijk @ CUE LLP

  • Thanks to

    Owen Hopkin, Nicole Gallagher, Kate Church

  • Commissioned by

    The Space, BBC